Check ISIC Validity

This way you can see if an ISIC, ITIC or IYTC is currently valid.

Der Oberkörper einer Person ist zu sehen, die Bücher und Schreibbläcke im Arm hat und auf ihr Handy schaut

Features of a valid virtual ISIC

Smartphone auf dem die virtuelle ISIC abgebildet ist.
  1. The green dot in the upper left corner: it shows that the virtual card is valid and can be accepted.
  2. The time and date stamp at the top: It shows the current date and the exact time. The clock continues to run every second, so no fake screenshot can be shown.
  3. The ISIC Hologram: Shows the familiar ISIC globe and flickers across the map in changing colors

Features of an invalid virtual ISIC

Virtuelle ISIC: Gültigkeit abgelaufen.
  1. The red time and date stamp: it shows that the validity of the card has expired.
  2. The pop-up notification: it informs about the expired status of the card and darkens the virtual card in the background

The virtual cards - ISIC, ITIC and IYTC explained

In 2016, the virtual versions of the International Student Identity Card, International Teacher Identity Card, and International Youth Travel Card were introduced as a basic component of the ISIC app. The goal of virtual cards is to avoid plastic and to be constantly available via the app on mobile devices.

With the ISIC App, the International Student Identity Card organization has taken a big and important step into the digital world. As a result, cardholders will have an easy-to-use and contemporary way to use ISIC offerings even more easily in their everyday lives in the future.

Since 2018, the ISIC, ITIC and IYTC virtual cards are the official standard versions of the ISIC Association.

The plastic card versions of ISIC, ITIC and IYTC will continue to be offered, depending on the issuing office. Additional fees may apply for these physical cards. Of course, plastic cards are also still accepted as official proof of student status.

  • The virtual card in the app
    After registering in the free ISIC app, cardholders also have the option of using their card in virtual form on their smartphone. With the help of security features, we can guarantee that the virtual version of the ISIC, just like the physical plastic card, is considered a full-fledged and globally recognized proof of student status.
  • Recognizing the authenticity and validity of the virtual card
    Authenticity and validity of the virtual cards can be easily verified using the specific features shown above.
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