ISIC app

Get your access to worldwide student discounts with the ISIC app. Show your virtual card on your smartphone when you want to take advantage of discounts on the spot, or download coupon codes directly from the app and redeem them online when you make your next purchase or upcoming booking. And this is how it works!  

Frau hält Smartphone mit ihrer ISIC in die Kamera.

Download ISIC app

Available for iOS 14.0 or later

Available for Android 8.0 or newer

Four steps to the virtual ISIC

Apply for your ISIC, ITIC or IYTC. After your application has been approved, you will receive your individual card number by e-mail.


Install the ISIC app on your smartphone.


Create an account in the app. For this you need your card number and an e-mail address.

Photo upload

Upload a passport quality photo to show your ISIC, if it was not already done when you applied for your card.


By the way: Once you have displayed your virtual card on your smartphone, you can continue to display it for 30 days without needing an Internet connection – handy when traveling! We have summarized here how you can tell if your card is still valid.

Frau hält Smartphone mit ihrer ISIC in die Kamera.

No ISIC yet?

Simply apply for your card online and start saving money right away!

Glückliches junges blondes Mädchen im Schneidersitz vor grauem Hintergrund. Symbolbild für ISIC Studentenrabatte.

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