About ISIC

How did the idea around ISIC come about in the first place? What is behind the global network and where is the journey heading? Here we give you an overview of our structures and everything you should know about us.

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Who is behind ISIC?

The ISIC Association is the non-profit organization behind the administration, growth and development of the ISIC International Student Identity Card. The ISIC Association, registered in Denmark, is a non-profit membership organization composed of more than 150 community members (44 full members). In doing so, it is subject to the Statutes as well as the Convention of the ISIC Association and is supervised by the ISIC Board. Day-to-day central administration and operations are handled by the ISIC Service Office. ISIC Germany (rds GmbH) is one of the full members of the ISIC Association and therefore as the exclusive representative responsible for the appearance, the development and furthermore the growth of ISIC in the German market.

Our Mission: Making Student Life Better

The mission of the ISIC Association is to make student life better. We accomplish this mission by making the ISIC Association a key player in the lives of students worldwide. We help to make their study time easier, more affordable through our ISIC discounts and therefore more enjoyable by facilitating the international recognition of their official student status. The goal of the ISIC Association is to make ISIC an indispensable tool and companion in everyday life for students worldwide. This goal is achieved by increasing access to educational opportunities, facilitating student life, promoting intercultural understanding and educational exchange, and strengthening relationships between students of all nationalities and the global academic community.


70 years

Active in

over 125 countries


2,500,000+ students

Strategic partnerships

ISIC is enjoying the status of the only internationally recognized proof of student status. This is reflected in the large number of recommendations the card has received from recognized institutions and governments at the international level. ISIC’s growth can be attributed in part to the support and commitment of such organizations, as endorsements allow the ISIC Association to explore new opportunities for concrete collaboration and work together to support students worldwide.

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