Free DKB current account for students - including your virtual ISIC

The DKB student account is free of charge and at the same time you benefit from the worldwide ISIC student discounts.   

DKB student account - costs nothing, can do everything!

With the free checking account for students, the world is your oyster, because you also benefit from the advantages of ISIC – 150,000 discounts in more than 130 countries. With ISIC, you save money at home and on the road. Take a look at the discounts directly. Whether ISIC travel discounts or offers from major brands in the technology & entertainment sector. Here everyone will find something suitable. Here’s how:

1. account opening

Conveniently done online in 5 minutes.

2. ISIC voucher

Receive coupon code by email and redeem here.

3. App download

Create a profile and get ISIC discounts worldwide.

Your account advantages

You can find more information about the conditions here.

Apply for an account within a view minutes!

Fill out application online, verify with Video-Ident and secure 3 months active status.


Under 28 years

Until your 28th birthday, your first account (individual account and joint account) is free of charge, regardless of whether you receive €700 or not. Additional current accounts cost € 2.50 per month as described above. From your 28th birthday onwards, you should ensure a monthly cash inflow of at least € 1,000. 700 to keep your current account free of charge. Otherwise the account costs € 4.50 per month.

Over 28 years of age with a monthly cash inflow of at least € 700

If a current account (individual account or joint account) receives at least € 700 per month, this current account remains free of charge. If less than € 700 is received in a month, the account costs €4.50 in that month.

Important: For the free first checking account, the money received in the current month counts. The three previous months always count for the calculation of the active status.

With only one account per current account type

If you open another individual account in your name or another joint account with the same person in addition to your existing individual or joint account, the additional account costs € 2.50 per month.

With the Visa debit card, all payments and cash withdrawals in euros are free of charge for all DKB customers. With the [kostenpflichtigen] Visa credit card, payments and withdrawals at ATMs worldwide are free of charge for all DKB customers, regardless of whether they are in euros or other currencies. With the Visa debit card and the Visa credit card, you can withdraw amounts of € 50 or more (or the equivalent in foreign currency) free of charge. If you want to withdraw an amount less than € 50 (or equivalent in foreign currency) from an ATM, you can do so with our optional, fee-based mini cash option and your Visa credit card. Note: It is possible that merchants or ATM operators may charge additional fees for use. DKB has no influence on this. DKB does not reimburse these fees. For details on our fee-based services such as the mini cash option, please refer to the list of prices and services.

You are a new customer if you do not have another current account with DKB or have not had one in the past twelve months. As a new customer, you will generally receive active status for 3 months when you open your checking account.
To maintain your active status, you must have € 700 in your account for 3 consecutive months and then permanently. We check the requirements monthly and always look at the past 3 months for this. However, not all credit entries are taken into account, with the exception of interest credit entries, returned debit entries or reversal entries, among others.

Important: For the free first checking account, the money received in the current month counts. The three previous months always count for the calculation of the active status.

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