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Room of Secrets

<p>Room of Secrets - the escape game in the Allgäu.</p> <p>Room of Secrets welcomes you into a whole new world. Exciting challenges are waiting for you, which you can only solve together as a team. Tricky puzzles and hidden clues will turn the quest into a thrilling race against time - the clock is ticking: you only have 60 minutes to accomplish your mission. Will you accept the challenge?</p> <p>You have the choice between four different settings.</p> <ul> <li>Scene 1: Commissar Kluftinger – help the bavarian police officer to save his life</li> <li>Scene 2: the rabbit hole – you drink an elixir and wake up in a magic forest. Are you able to find the antidote to escape from wonderland?</li> <li>Scene 3: Gregor's secret – Gregor hid some incriminating evidence in his apartment, which you have to get rid off before the police arrives. Hurry, the police is already on the way.</li> <li>Scene 4: the stolen treasure – you are instructed to find a stolen necklace. The setting is set in an Italian Maffia context.</li> </ul>

Room of Secrets Allgäu Allgäu Escape escape game Escape-Spiel Escape Game Escape escape-room Escape Room escape room

10% Discount on one escape game

<p>As an ISIC, ITIC, or IYTC<strong> </strong>cardholder, you will get 10% off the regular admission fee, redeemable for one mission. Just verify your card number here to get your voucher code and show your card on site again.</p> <p>You can enter the code directly at the room of secrets website. Please show your ISIC additionally on the spot. The offer is not combinable with other special offers!</p>


Room of Secrets Allgäu

Room of Secrets Allgäu
Bäckerstr. 17

47.7248762, 10.3205606

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